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The most comprehensive book of its kind, the new edition of the Christian Theology Reader collects more than 360 readings that illuminate the key doctrines, point of views, intellectual developments, and theologies from various factions of Christian history. Contains 361 readings, drawn from 233 different sources, spread throughout the 2,000 years of Christian history.ExceThe most comprehensive book of its kind, the new edition of the Christian Theology Reader collects more than 360 readings that illuminate the key doctrines, point of views, intellectual developments, and theologies from various factions of Christian history. Contains 361 readings, drawn from 233 different sources, spread throughout the 2,000 years of Christian history.Exceptionally user-friendly: every reading is accompanied its own introduction, commentary, and study questions.Now includes increased representation of Catholicism, Orthodoxy and women writers.A new section provides a "bird's-eye" view of the historical development of Christian theology, allowing users to locate a reading against its historical context.Additional lecturer resources are available at the accompanying website:

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The Christian Theology Reader Reviews

  • Tung
    2019-04-02 23:46

    This textbook is not a stand-alone text, but an accompanying reader – i.e. it does not explain any theological doctrines, but rather provides a tremendous sampling of the writings of various theologians throughout history on a variety of topics. We get to read excerpts from the earliest theologians like Origen and Iraeneus, to theologians from the Middle Ages like Augustine and Aquinas, to philosophers like Locke and Pascal, to contemporary theologians like J.I. Packer. They cover all of the essentials of Christian theology from theology to Scripture to Christology to salvation to eschatology. In addition to providing the excerpts, McGrath includes a few sentences highlighting the important doctrinal points being made in the excerpt and/or the excerpt’s historical relevance. McGrath even includes follow-up questions to ensure comprehension of the text. Overall, I enjoyed the variety in the chosen readings, and found the excerpt summaries eminently useful. Recommended.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-22 18:56

    I read about 70 of the selections. This book has many primary sources that would be helpful in understanding theological issues. Each selection has an introduction and commentary afterwards. Sometimes the commentary is more helpful than the selection. This is because many of the selections are short excerpts and the comments are an explanation of the whole piece of writing,

  • Bret James Stewart
    2019-03-22 23:48

    I need to preface this review by saying I do not like this type of book. Readers contain snippets of various works so you can get a feel for various issues on a given subject--theology, in this case. As usual, there is not enough room to really get a feel for the information, so you have to go and find the original if you want to do anything beyond skimming the surface. All the readers I have were bought because I had to for school. The only thing I use them for is padding out bibliographies for papers. Okay, that' s enough of front matter.McGrath has done an average or slightly above average job on this book. He generally provides pro and con views of a matter, which is fairly standard. His selections are mostly acceptable, and it is easy to find information. Frankly, what else is there to do? I rank it four stars for being a decent example of what it is. It is not spectacular, but it is better than some I have seen. I fault it for assuming Roman Catholic dogma/doctrine represents Christianity, and I fault it because I just don't like it.

  • Jeff Elliott
    2019-03-23 18:02

    Given I only read 73 of the 300+ sections but they were the 73 that were assigned from class. This book is a collection of some of the greatest minds, thinkers and theologians in the history of Christianity. The downside is some of the selections are very short; so short, in fact, that they don't so much other than the introduction to each section does. The reality is that it is too expensive for publishers to use larger excerpts and I understand that but at some point it's not worth printing short sections at all. Overall, this is great introductory material including some very important pieces.

  • Pamela Tucker
    2019-03-21 19:48

    If one is learning Catholism and Theological terms this is the book for you. It begins with the Roman Catholic Fathers and ends in the Modern Technological age with stress on Liberalism Theology.It has some really good points, but there are some typo's and a couple of strange sentence structures claiming oneself to be a god. I do not think they meant for it to come out that way but the sentence actually states this.Generally it is a very thick book and comes with the Christian Theology which one can use this for reference to actually writings of quotes used by the theologians for the past 2000 years.

  • Christopher Porter
    2019-04-11 01:41

    An expansive and somewhat representative collection of excerpts from the most important Christian theologians. Much to be preferred to the companion Christian Theology: An Introduction, which I found to have a number of weaknesses. The presentation of apatheia seems to misunderstand the intent of the doctrine entirely. The author also has a fondness for the "Suffering God" theology that Moltmann made popular, which may account for the poor account of apatheia.

  • Kathleen Dixon
    2019-04-02 17:58

    This is an excellent "reader" which gives comprehensive coverage of theologians' writings on all the areas that theologians have ever talked through, agonised over, and written about. It's very clearly set out, and has succinct explanations before each quoted text so that the reader doesn't have to struggle with the jargon but can get right into struggling with what the theologians were saying.

  • Kimberly
    2019-03-30 01:45

    Not as helpful as other theology books. But has good quotes from various sources on different theological issues. Includes such authors as Karl Barth, St. Augustine, John Calvin, Justin Martyr, Thomas Aquinas, Rene Descartes, and Sallie McFague. Includes the Nicene and Apostles' Creeds, and the Westminister Confession of Faith.

  • John
    2019-03-24 18:50

    This is an excellent resource for those who want to sample the primary sources of theology who simply don't have the time or inclination to collect and read hundreds of books. The selections are diverse and fair and will hopefully compel readers to dig deeper into the subjects that interests them while doing theology.

  • Chet Duke
    2019-03-19 18:56

    This was our readings textbook for Systematic Theology. Awesome! I dont know how McGrath has time to put something like this together! He not only presents the material with brief introductions, but each section provides summaries and study questions. I plan to keep this book for a long time.

  • Al
    2019-04-08 00:48

    Loved this book! Great layout with a tremendous idea, to trace the thoughts and ideals behind historical figures in Church History as they wrote about evolving theological issues. Must read for any serious church history or doctrines study.

  • Van Ryan
    2019-04-19 23:58

    If you're looking for a book that gives a great overview of how Christian Theology and thought have unraveled through the last 2,000 years, this is your book. From Martin Luther, to Augustine, Justin Martyr, and many more.

  • Deb H
    2019-04-19 20:08

    Excellent introduction to Christian theology for advanced high school students or college undergraduates.

  • Craig Prather
    2019-04-01 17:47

    Great read! This supplemental text is great in terms of giving a simple overview on the doctrines of patristic and modern theologians.

  • Sam Eccleston
    2019-04-06 22:42

    Exhaustive, bordering on repetitive, selection of the key contributions of great Christian thinkers.