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Set against the backdrop of the war in Afghanistan, Saving Cinnamon chronicles the love story of Navy Reservist Mark Feffer and a stray puppy he bonded with while stationed outside of Kandahar. When Mark is about to return stateside, he decides to adopt Cinnamon and sets up her transport back to the U.S. But the unthinkable happens and Cinnamon is abandoned by the dog handSet against the backdrop of the war in Afghanistan, Saving Cinnamon chronicles the love story of Navy Reservist Mark Feffer and a stray puppy he bonded with while stationed outside of Kandahar. When Mark is about to return stateside, he decides to adopt Cinnamon and sets up her transport back to the U.S. But the unthinkable happens and Cinnamon is abandoned by the dog handler who was supposed to bring her home, and disappears with out a trace. Mark and his family start a desperate search for the puppy which lasts 44 days and ends dramatically when Mark and Cinnamon are finally reunited. This is a touching memoir told by Mark's sister, who initiated the rescue efforts....

Title : Saving Cinnamon: The Amazing True Story of a Missing Military Puppy and the Desperate Mission to Bring Her Home
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ISBN : 9781429988254
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Saving Cinnamon: The Amazing True Story of a Missing Military Puppy and the Desperate Mission to Bring Her Home Reviews

  • AmniconStudio
    2019-03-01 13:02

    I started to read this book. When I first read about it over on Amazon, I thought "Saving Cinnamon" would be a wonderful story of a soldier working really hard to bring his partner-dog home with him. It's not exactly that. Cinnamon is a dog that found her way onto one of the army bases and many people took care of her. Instead of the soldier telling the story it is his sister that is telling the story.Right off the bat I didn't like the writing. It was kind of disjointed. Then I realized that it was the sister of the soldier who wanted to bring the dog home that was the author That didn't set a very good tone for me. I tried reading it some more and I just could not get into this story. I got maybe 40 pages into the story and I realized that she was talking about a man named Dave and this wasn't her brother. The author kind of popped back and forth about who she was talking about and I decided that I just did not want to try and power through this book and waste my time trying to keep it all straight. The author's editor did her a disservice by not working with her more closely and tightening up the story and make it more flowing and understandable. At times it seemed she the writing had followed her thought process and wasn't in any particular order.

  • Cindy
    2019-03-12 10:00

    3.5 stars. I’m such a sucker for animal rescue stories.

  • Kirsti
    2019-02-25 13:03

    A wonderful story, filled with hope and determination, and one woman's struggle to help her brother be reunited with a pup he befriended while on duty in Afghanistan. The book is one of those truly beautiful animal stories I find myself picking up time and time gain, and before long, you find yourself enamored with Cinnamon, and amazed at Chris' determination to get her to the US. The book is emotive, well written and a truly lovely story- the pictures will make you smile, and no doubt remind you of your own beloved animal. A recommendation for animal lovers everywhere, and anyone who has let a furry, hairy or even scaly animal into their heart and home.

  • Ryann
    2019-02-27 10:15

    I found the writing to be disjointed, rambling and extremely repetitive, the author to be annoying and self-absorbed, and the plot unworthy of a book. I think the author lacks appreciate and understanding for other cultures and inserts herself more into a central figure of this story than she actually was. I realize it's a true story, but it didn't need to be written. They didn't really save the dog's life and it's not as important as a lot of what is happening in that area of the world. I am a HUGE dog lover, but with the thousands they spent on one dog that already had a good home, they could've saved hundreds of dogs in the U.S.

  • Kelsey Wilkinson
    2019-03-21 12:15

    The story was really endearing, but the writing got in the way of enjoying the story. I think the main problem was that the writer had about enough meat in the story to create a feature magazine article, but tried to stretch it to book length. Her awkward attempts at filling space with anecdotes about other dogs and family members left me wishing a solid editor had intervened and suggested a different forum for this story.

  • Kathi
    2019-02-25 10:12

    A good story about a soldier in Afghanistan who decides to adopt a puppy that has kept him company during his tour of duty. Cinnamon's journey to the US was very difficult. Somewhere out there is a man named Matthew Roberts that I despise and would spit on if I met him in person.

  • Diane
    2019-03-08 13:08

    In honor of pet rescue month, I picked this audio book up at my local library. As the author states, this is a story of "love, hope, perseverance, and triumph." It is a true story, so who cannot get into a feel good story about saving a dog?? The premise is a soldier stationed in Afghanistan adopts a puppy that roams onto the base. When he learns that his deployment is ending, he cannot bear to leave the puppy (named Cinnamon) behind. From there the story, told from his sister's point of view, takes you on a journey of trials and tribulations in the process of getting this puppy to the states. There are many snags in this process and you begin to feel the anxiety of the family and people involved. However, there are many people (friends and strangers) that prayed and offered support in lots of ways to "save Cinnamon". Although this was an audio book and it entertained me as I drove, it was not the best written story.. lots of jumping around and extraneous information. However, I did fall in love with Cinnamon and found myself cheering for her safe return to the states and to the soldier that took care of her. I also was amazed at the number of people involved (willingly) in her rescue. It gave me comfort to know that there are still great people out there in the world.

  • Kim
    2019-02-27 14:19

    I started out with high hopes for this book, but as I read I got angry. It's one thing to want to save this dog from a questionable future in Afghanistan. But when the dog was lost while being shipped home, and while searching for her, it was found she'd been adopted into a loving home, they should have let her go. There are enough dogs in the US needing homes. Instead they insisted Cinnamon be torn from a home she'd lived in for a month, a home where she was loved and cared for. It would have been different if her future was still in question, but it wasn't. At this point I found it very selfish, and I could not finish the book.

  • Melissa
    2019-03-16 14:02

    Um. Okay, so I'm glad I read this so that I know the story of little Cinnamon and her crazy rescue from Afghanistan. It's hard not to like a good rescue pup tale, especially when it is a true one. But the writing? Oh man. It left a lot to be desired. Disjointed, repetitive, confusing. Also, the narrator (the soldier's sister) was extremely egocentric and inserted herself into every piece of the story, when it wasn't even hers to tell in the first place. I'm glad I now know Cinnamon's story, but I wish someone would've helped the author tone down her ego a bit by editing her finished product.

  • Marty
    2019-02-28 12:54

    Good story, but seemed repetitious at many junctures. But I kept reading wanting to get to the happy ending. Liked the pictures also!

  • Stacey Matula
    2019-02-25 13:03

    I loved the story overall

  • Gail
    2019-03-24 16:17

    Interesting but a bit too detailed. Was over it by the end.

  • Misty Melsheimer
    2019-03-05 11:15

    The premise of the story is quite good. A soldier befriends a dog while deployed, and when his deployment ends, he attempts to bring the dog home with him. However, the dog ends up lost after not being able to board her scheduled flight, and so a frantic search is started to find the dog. Sounds like the sort of tale that would have me weeping by the end. However, the writing was awful, and I found the soldier's sister (the author) to be quite annoying. Yes, she was instrumental in finding Cinnamon, but she seems like a busybody who gets overly involved in the business of others. She makes calls on others' behalf even when told not to. Once she asked a friend to talk to his friend to get Oprah to help them out. He refused, and she said that she KNEW Oprah would help if only she could talk to her. She assumes everyone will be invested in what's important to her, and she's relentless. The writing really detracted from the story. Parts were very redundant, and it is clear the author is not a writer by trade. This book would have benefited from some serious editing. Again, the premise of the story was good. All it needed was a better storyteller. For someone in the market for this kind of book, I would recommend One Dog at a Time by Pen Farthing. The writing leaves something to be desired in that story as well, but you care less as Pen is a much more likable figure and the tale really pulls at the heartstrings. I felt much more emotionally connected to Pen and his plight than to Christine and hers. Pen makes the story about the dogs. I felt Christine made much of the story about herself.

  • Kelly
    2019-03-04 14:07

    This book ranks as one of my all-time favorites! The book begins by telling the story of a man (Mark) who, quite unexpectedly, is deployed to war. Having not had a family member deployed, it gave me real insight into how the family can be affected by something like this when it is unexpected. Once in Afganistan, he meets a dog who lives on base. This dog is just a puppy and is not always treated well by some, although he is loved by most military folks on the base. When Mark finds out he will be going home, he decides to attempt to adopt the puppy named Cinnamon and bring her home with him. This proves to be almost impossible and the story gets very gripping as they tell the tale of how hard her travels are. The author did a wonderful job of keeping the readers interested. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to read the outcome of Cinnamon's travels. They included several pages of Cinammon that are just beautiful. This book would appeal to both animal lovers and those interested in military stories.

  • Kelly
    2019-02-28 16:16

    I really enjoyed this book. If you love dogs then you'll like this one. The writing style makes it a quick read. There is no unnecessary describing of scenery or other minute details that are not pertinent to the story. The story is about a puppy named Cinnamon who is living on a military base in Afghanistan. A soldier who helps raise her on base decides to bring Cinnamon home to be his dog in the US. After his tour of duty, about 6 months, he has to go through debriefing at another base therefore he sends Cinnamon with a military dog handler instead. This dog handler was supposed to get Cinnamon on the plane, transfer at another airport and then be met at the US airport to give Cinnamon to a friend of the new owner. Cinnamon never got on the plane due to some paperwork issues. She was left at the airport. When she doesn't show up at the US airport with the dog handler the work begins to find out where Cinnamon is and to get her home.

  • Bridget Bailey
    2019-02-24 09:56

    This book was about a great story about a soldier reuniting with his dog. You hear stories like this all the time recently and it was nice to get a detailed version of what happens and all that goes into it. I didn't realize this story was one of the first missions to get a dog out of a foreign country which paved the way to getting this to happen for future soldiers. It was a very tedious process with many areas for things to go wrong but in the end, he got his puppy back through the hard work of many people. The story was very detailed almost to the point where you wanted it to continue already because we got the point! Nonetheless, it was a cute story and fulfilling for someone to get their dog back. As a dog person/owner, you can definitely understand what he and his family were going through with their dog missing so you can greatly sympathize with him. It was an uplifting story by the end.

  • Cheryl
    2019-03-04 09:19

    While serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan, Mark Feffer became attached to a stray puppy who wandered the area near the American encampment. Dogs are reviled in the Middle East--considered to be dirty and unfit to live alongside humans. When Mark's tour ended, he feared for the puppy's safety and decided to try to bring her home. After painstakingly making arrangements to transport Cinnamon to the U.S., Feffer learned that the dog handler abandoned Cinnamon. The puppy disappeared without a trace. This story is told by Feffer's sister who initiated search and rescue efforts for Cinnamon. The reader is drawn in as the agonizing search begins. This is an unforgettable true story of love and perseverance that will touch your heart.

  • Suzy
    2019-03-18 11:14

    Saving Cinnamon is, hands down, the BEST military/dog book that I have ever read. The story follows navy Reservist Mark Feffer’s attempts to get a scruffy puppy who stole his heart, back to the USA when he is rotated out of Afghanistan. Mark’s meticulous plans are thrown into chaos when Cinnamon’s handler arrives in the U.S and the pup is nowhere to be found. The handler’s suspicious story leads Mark to give up all hope of ever finding Cinnamon. But Mark’s sister steps in and tirelessly works to find out what happened to Cinnamon.This book had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I could not put it down. It is brilliantly written and is peppered with lots of beautiful colour photographs throughout.5/5 paws

  • Deborah D.
    2019-03-08 14:17

    Quite a saga for such a sweet dog. I am glad there are better support systems in place for our soldiers who want to rescue the dogs (and cats) which make their lives overseas just a wee bit more tolerable.This was a very good book to listen to during my 42 mile commute to work!It only took 3 days to listen to the whole book...The challenges of transcontinental dog rescue and an excellent example of what is possible. More so now than ever with social media and email. The globe is a lot less mysterious with these tools.The author's note at the end was quite a good addition used to acknowledge some of the naysaying responses she received during the dramatic journey.

  • AnnieM
    2019-03-25 15:19

    The weird point of view (told by the sister) made it hard to get into. The narrator made another mark against it. Finally the disjointed writing and difficult plot line. Those three things meshed together to take a nice dog story into a never ending saga. It just never came together. I think if it was told from the soldier's or the wife's point of view, it would have connected. Never have I ever been so disconnected from an animal story. There are many great dog and soldier stories. This isn't one of them. Pass this one over.

  • Lindsay
    2019-02-25 11:18

    I thought this book would be a good dog story to read, but the beginning chapters were about being deployed to Afghanistan. I was frustrated, also, with the editing (or lack of). I can forgive typos every once in a while, but to have two within the first 25 pages of a book is a bit much. I stopped reading and just skimmed ahead to the parts about Cinnamon being found on the base initially and her journey to the U.S. afterwards.

  • Anna Galinski
    2019-03-07 14:13

    Loved this bookI couldn't put this book down. This book tells an all too familiar sorry of the stay dogs of Afghanistan that have saved our soldiers as much as they have saved these wonderful dogs. It also tells the story of one man's choice to let a dog and the man who loved him down and a sister who saved the dog she loved but never met because she loved the man. A must read for all animal lovers.

  • Pam
    2019-03-13 16:12

    This was interesting only because I'd already read a similar encounter No Buddy Left Behind. It really drags out the story by reprinting every email sent between several people in the story. It does a good job of justifying all the time and money spent getting this one dog home, but it could have been done in a lot fewer chapters. I realize the author was trying to convey the agonizing time spent searching for the dog, but it was not suspenseful.

  • Joseph
    2019-03-11 14:19

    This wasn't a bad book, but not necessarely a great book. The title speaks for itself. The author is the sister of the soldier, who is trying to bring the dog home. She is very passionate and you can tell by her writing she was very emotionally attached to this book. She really slams one of the people in the book... It is a easy read and very light on the details of why he loves this dog so much. The dog is really cute, so I can see why, but the detail is lacking in that area.

  • Jami
    2019-03-09 08:20

    I wasn't sure initially how this would make an entire book, but I found that I really enjoyed this story. Once I started, I couldn't wait to see how everything unfolded. And it was nice to read a dog story with a happy ending. I could relate to the feelings these people had for their dogs as well. Totally enjoyed it!

  • Tina Axell
    2019-03-11 09:53

    For dog lovers like me, this was a good book. I can't resist a story of the special bond between human and dog. I love the author's view that positive thoughts and envisioning Cinnamon playing in her brother's backyard would bring her home. Call it faith, call it believing in the power of your thoughts, call it brought her home.

  • Janet
    2019-03-26 12:07

    I loved this story. She was a beloved puppy on a military base, and when one of the soldiers decided to adopt her and bring her home against many barriers, she was abandoned in an airport by the person entrusted with her transport. This is the story of many answered prayers, and a family's perseverance to save one small dog. I love stories with happy endings!

  • Denise
    2019-03-26 12:56

    This is a good story & the author very enthusiastic about it, but is extremely repetitious. I felt that she was more interested & obsessed with her own feelings than the actual story. I persevered & finished the book because I wanted to know the ending, but it was difficult.

  • Toni
    2019-03-24 09:14

    I loved this book the heart warming tale of family helping each other to bring home a lost pet is wonderful. I love the fact that the author gave the back story of cinnamon and those who loved her most

  • Connie
    2019-03-14 10:58

    This is an interesting story about how many people came together to get this puppy to it's new home in America. I listened to the book on audio, so it may have just been the reader, but I did not feel this book was written well. The true story, not the writing, kept me listening.